Hours of Operation: Monday - Saturday 10am - 10pm, Sunday 11am - 7pm  20 Market Square, Pittsburgh, PA 15222



Served with Choice of Two: 
Fries, Cole Slaw, Green Beans, Fresh Cut Onion Rings, Applesauce, Ribbon Cut Pittsburgh Taters

Substitute a Cup of Soup or Salad for One Side... 1.99

   Fish Boat             10.50
  Our famous jumbo fish sandwich, fried to a golden brown.
  Maryland Style Crab Cakes          10.75
  An award winning dish.  Made fresh daily with fresh vegetables and lump crab meat.

   Galleon           10.70
  Lightly breaded with our own Italian seasoned breadcrumb and fried to a golden brown.

  Clam Strip Dinner            6.85

  Key West Oyster Dinner           13.05
  Lightly seasoned and breaded oysters, a Key West recipe

   Baked Scrod            10.95
  Topped with flavored breadcrumbs and baked in a light garlic olive oil.

  Large Breaded Butterfly Shrimp           10.75

  Titanic platter            13.45
  The monster fish sandwich, fried to a golden brown.    

Spicy Whitefish Platter 10.65

"Cod Father" Platter 10.85


  No Trans Fat. No Cholesterol. Cash Only.




   Our Famous Jumbo Fish          8.00

   Monster Fish Sandwich          10.90

  Baked Scrod            8.95
  Served with lettuce and tomato

  Spicy Whitefish            8.75
  Lightly battered in a spicy Panko crumb.

  “Cod father”            8.35
   Dipped in a beer batter and fried to a golden brown.
  Tuna Salad             5.80

  Crab Cake Sandwich           5.90

  Lightly Breaded Oysters           8.85
  Prepared with Italian breadcrumbs, lettuce and tomato.

   Columbo             8.20

  Prepared with our Italian breading.

  Salmonburger            7.15
  Wild caught and served with lettuce, tomato.

  Fried Breaded Chicken Breast          5.80
  Tender white meat with lettuce and tomato

  No Trans Fat.     No Cholesterol.     Cash Only.


Other Specials

3 Raw Oysters 7.90

6 Raw Oysters 15.65

   Fish ‘n Chips            9.80
  Thick nuggets lightly battered with beer and fried.  Served on a bed of fries.

  Shrimp Basket            7.25
  Light breading and fried.  Served with fries or onion rings
  Can be prepared with spicy sauce and ranch dressing  7.35

  Chicken Tenders with Fries           6.95

  Crispy Chicken Wings           7.50
  With spicy wing sauce and ranch dressing



Soups and Salads

   New England Clam Chowder          Cup 3.80 / Bowl   4.45 / Quart 10.55
   Ask For Our Soup of the Day!

  Seafood Salad                 5.50
  Garden Salad                  4.25
  Tuna Salad                      6.20

  Salmon Salad                  7.95
  Crispy Chicken Salad    7.10


  No Trans Fat. No Cholesterol. Cash Only.

Side Orders

  Famous Ribbon Cut Pittsburgh Taters
  “An Unusual Chip”               1.95 / 2.80
  “Original” Breaded Oyster          2.25
  3 Lightly Breaded Oysters        7.75
  Maryland Style Crab Cake         4.15
  Fried Clam Strips           4.25
  Stuffed Clam            2.50
  Provolone Sticks           4.10 
  Deviled Crab           3.25                                                                                                                                                     
  Calamari            5.45
  Fries                2.15 / 4.35
  Onion rings                 2.05 / 4.25
  Coleslaw            1.95

  Green Beans 1.95

  Apple Sauce 1.95


  No Trans Fat. No Cholesterol. Cash Only.


Soft Drinks, Iced Tea & Lemonade        2.20
Buttermilk                  2.00
Coffee            1.50
Bottled Water           1.50

** One Free Refill on Soda and Coffee**