Hours: Monday - Saturday 10am -10pm, Sunday 11am - 7pm          412-566-7925                                                                20 Market Square, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Our Story…

At 142 years old, The Original Oyster House is Pittsburgh’s oldest bar and restaurant.  Located in the heart of Market Square, the unique tavern has been designated a historic landmark by the Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation.

When The Original Oyster House first opened in 1870, oysters sold for a penny and beer was 10 cents a glass.  The enormous fish sandwiches, which require a special bun, were introduced by “Silver Dollar Louie,” Louis Americus, proprietor from 1916 to 1970. The specialty coating on the fish and oysters, a recipe of Mrs. Americus, is still used by the kitchen staff.

What do you love about the Oyster House?

"I accompanied a co-worker to lunch at The Oyster House.  I love to eat at long established, family owned restaurants.  I ordered the fish boat with fries and coleslaw.  I requested cocktail sauce, and was told it was freshly made.  Simply stated, my meal was delicious and the service was excellent.  When I return to Pittsburgh, I will eat here again." -Dean H.

What's Happening?

Weekly Summer Feature: Shrimp Basket!  Served with fries and a large soft drink... $7.29 +tax!